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Guillermo Cruz

Guillermo Cruz

Publisher Editor

Excitement and nervousness are two of the many words that can describe what a future bride may feel before her wedding. Attention Future Brides! Trust that no matter what happens during the planning, in the end, things will turn out wonderfully. It is OK to have multiple, unexpected “glitches” during the planning process that can be frustrating and disappointing at the time, but in the end, on your wedding day, everything will turn out more perfectly than you could have planned or imagined.

You are about to start a journey with one of the most important person in your life. The meaning of the word “Marriage,” as we know it, will change as the years go by. The dictionary defines marriage as: a ceremony in which two people are married to each other.

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The mission of WHITE BRIDAL Magazine is to engage our viewers within the markets of Bridal and Couple. Supporting multiple showrooms, designers, manufacturers and artists allows us to establish a growing connection between our readers and a vast array of accessible products.

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San Antonio

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McAllen Magazine

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Rancho Guadalupe

Rancho Guadalupe

Rancho Guadalupe is where country meets modern elegance. With a modern twist on tradition, this 200+ acre ranch is a stunning ceremony and reception venue that has a breathtaking lakefront view. With indoor-outdoor ceremony and reception options that can hold up to 450 guests, Rancho Guadalupe is the ideal venue for every type of celebration or social occasion.

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San Antonio Magazine

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The Oaks at Boerne…

The Oaks at Boerne…

Nestled on 110 acres of gorgeous scenery, and covered in majestic oak trees, The Oaks at Boerne is one of the most up-and-coming venues that the Hill Country has seen in years!

Relax with a SPA

No matter which treatment you pick, if done as a spa type, it will always be gratifying for both body and soul. Besides the specific benefits you get with these type of treatments, if you only introduce yourself into the spa ambience will be enough to make you live a very pleasant and relaxing experience

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Guadalajara Magazine

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Juventino Jiménez

Juventino Jiménez

 Creatividad, inspiración y profesionalismo caracterizan al propietario y creador de Studio 24.  “Mi secreto para que las fotografías impacten radica en la actitud, la confianza y la alegría que le doy al momento de hacer el click y después en todos los...

Ducrós Fotógrafos

Ducrós Fotógrafos

Documentar una historia de amor es la misión de los especialistas, pero no sólo se trata de plasmar lo que acontece durante una boda, sino que ellos van más allá, porque consiguen transmitir las emociones que se experimentan ese día. Ducrós Fotógrafos, Guadalajara, White Bridal Magazine.

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